Digging up the street in the middle of the night or delivery of emergency power after a power cut are examples of where temporary power might be used within the utilities sector.

Delivering that power requirement within the most cost effective means, reducing carbon emissions and having the benefit of not making the noise associated with conventional diesel generators are a set of ideals that can co-exist.

We have experience of and specialise in building products ideally suited to the particular needs of the utilities industry. Our Lithium Ion solutions are popular in this sector due to the much higher RoI when taken over a longer view due to increased operational efficiencies and longer life span.

GridtoGo™ can integrate 'business as usual' within your existing fleet of generators and start saving money for your business and reducing your carbon footprint immediately.


Full hybrid generation system to utility specification using Lithium-Ion technology

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In applications such as construction and events, renting Grid to Go™ represents a means to reduce your operational costs and carbon footprint without the responsibilities of ownership.

• identifiable operational costs
• lower generator service and maintenance costs

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Have control of your resources and maximise return on investment.  Owning your own Grid to Go™ means you enjoy all the benefits hybrid power systems deliver:

• benefit from reduction in fuel costs and lower carbon emissions
• enjoy all the peripheral benefits such as lower generator service and maintenance costs
• Optimise specification to suit your particular needs

Call 01788 567 123 or
email info@offgrid-energy.co.uk

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