Off Grid Energy deliver clean and efficient energy solutions across a wide range of commercial and domestic applications.


Every day across the construction industry, tens of thousands of litres of diesel are burned by generators. Many, perhaps most, of these generators are, for much of the time, not required to generate very much electricity.


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For small scale one day events such as a product launch or a fireworks display to a huge event such as one of the many music festivals that are held each year, something they all have in common is a need for power. And the standard solution is to use a diesel generator.


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Digging up the street in the middle of the night or delivery of emergency power after a power cut are examples of where temporary power might be used within the utilities sector.


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Remote Location

For commercial installations or private dwellings, there could be any number of reasons that you are looking for an independent power solution.


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Energy Storage

Changing energy tariffs, issues with grid stability and re-enforcement, energy usage patterns and a desire to maximise the financial returns from renewable energy installations are all motivators to consider localised energy storage installations.


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Hire Grid to Go™


In applications such as construction and events, renting Grid to Go™ represents a means to reduce your operational costs and carbon footprint without the responsibilities of ownership.

• identifiable operational costs
• lower generator service and maintenance costs

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Buy Grid to Go™


Have control of your resources and maximise return on investment.  Owning your own Grid to Go™ means you enjoy all the benefits hybrid power systems deliver:

• benefit from reduction in fuel costs and lower carbon emissions
• enjoy all the peripheral benefits such as lower generator service and maintenance costs
• Optimise specification to suit your particular needs

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