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Grid To Go™ - a powerful, reliable and transportable solution

Portable Hybrid Power Solutions

Delivering both significant cost savings and cutting CO2 emissions sounds like a trick that is too good to be true. But, it is not. Just as hybrid cars deliver substantial improvements in fuel economy, hybrid power generation does exactly the same - but on a much larger scale. Imagine how many generators there are running at this moment through the whole world and then think how many of them are doing very little work. Think how much fuel is being consumed unnecessarily and how much CO2 this equates to.
Grid to Go™ is a portable power supply that can work together with a generator to reduce running hours and cut fuel consumption. When the generator runs it is made to work as efficiently as possible with any spare energy being stored in a high power battery pack. When the battery is charged and demand for power is low, the generator can turn off and the energy stored in the battery is used to supply the load. When the battery runs low or the load increases, the generator is told to start up again. This process is automatic.

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The result is better fuel economy. This means less fuel consumed, less CO2 produced, fewer running hours, longer generator life, reduced generator servicing and long periods of power supply without the noise of a generator. When all this is taken into consideration, the return on investment can be rapid.

It is possible to use Grid to Go™ on it's own for short term or low power use eliminating the need for a generator altogether. Combine the unit with power from renewable sources of energy (wind or solar PV) and you have the potential for indefinite operation without producing any emissions at all.

Grid to Go™ is a ruggedised hybrid generator, designed for operation in demanding environments and where it is expected to work hard for a living. With an impressive standard specification, Grid to Go™ can be augmented with optional features such as remote monitoring, solar PV input, road tow trailer as well as the options for customer specified features. Read on for further details.

How much can Grid to Go save?

The table below summarises performance of a live UK construction project where one 16kVA Grid-to-Go was installed together with a 40kVA generator for a rental period of 81 days. The data shows the savings that were made in fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and costs.

Performance Summary Total hours in
Recorded generator
run hours in period
Fuel saving in
Saving £
Actual period: 81 days (19/07/13 to 8/10/13) 1944 hours 774 hours 7,078 litres £6,370 18,757 Kg £800
Equivalent 30 day period 2,621 litres £2,359 6,945Kg £296
Equivalent 12 month period 31,458 litres £28,308 83,340Kg £3,552

* Based on 40kVA generator consuming 6.05l/hr at 25% load. ** Reflects reduced maintenance costs for fewer running hours.

Grid to Go Features


Simple 'plug and play' operation


Auto generator start for low battery or sustained high load


Input power support mode

Additional Standard Features


• Sealed,leak and spill proof, high capacity, long life battery pack

• Output power versions from 5-30kVA single phase & 15-120kVA three phase
• Ruggedised design for harsh environments

• Energy storage from 10 to 300kWrs
Easy mechanical handling


Grid to Go Options



Remote GSM monitoring and control


Road Tow chassis


Top-mount stowable solar PV kit!

Additional Options


• Alternative battery types (AGM, Gel or Li-Ion)

• Top-mount stowable solar PV kit!

• ELP - excessive load protection

• Accessories (protective cover, cable sets etc)
Input connection for discrete solar PV array or wind turbine

• Alternative connection types and output voltages

• Timer controlled generator start signal with 6 year battery back-up


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Why choose Grid to Go™?




Reduce carbon footprint
No noise disturbance
No fumes
Save on energy costs
Maintenance free
Mobile power wherever you need it
Hire or buy options

Hire Grid to Go™

In applications such as construction and events, renting Grid to Go™ represents a means to reduce your operational costs and carbon footprint without the responsibilities of ownership.

• identifiable operational costs
• lower generator service and maintenance costs

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Buy Grid to Go™


Have control of your resources and maximise return on investment.  Owning your own Grid to Go™ means you enjoy all the benefits hybrid power systems deliver:

• benefit from reduction in fuel costs and lower carbon emissions
• enjoy all the peripheral benefits such as lower generator service and maintenance costs
• Optimise specification to suit your particular needs

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Grid to Go™ case studies

Frequently Asked Questions


How long does the battery last?


A tricky question as this depends on how much power you use and how big the battery pack is. We specify our battery packs in terms of the amount of energy they store and can be effectively used. So, for our 20kWhr battery pack, assuming it is fully charged when you start, you can get 10 hours at an average of 2kW or 20 hours at an average of 1kW. For Gel and AGM types, if the battery is used at a very high rate the available power is reduced. So, for the same 20kWhr battery used at 10kW you may only get 1.5 hours before the reserves are depleted. In any case, we will help to understand your energy needs and advise you of the best options to suit your circumstances.


How much power can I get?


We offer a range of alternative ratings that give power outputs from 5kVA to 120kVA from our standard range. We can offer bespoke solutions up to 300kVA. Single phase systems are available up to 30kVA and three phase systems start at 15kVA.



What is the output supply voltage?


Single phase systems are 230V 50Hz as standard but can be supplied set at anything between 220 and 250V. 110V CTE output can be accommodated as an option. Three phase systems are supplied with a nominal 400V AC but can be supplied between 380 and 440V AC.



How noisy is it?


With out a generator running, the system is inaudible. There may be some fan noise when the unit is working hard but this is only detectable when you stand very close.



What maintenance is required?


The system is virtually maintenance free. Other than making sure the unit is charged up fully and regularly during use and before being put into storage, the maintenance regime is simply that of periodic inspection.



What is the battery service life?


This depends on which battery type you choose and how heavily it is used. By understanding your needs, we can specify the correct battery type for your anticipated duty. The target for batty life will then be in the order of 4-5 years but can be as much as 8-10 or even 15years, in the case of Lithium-Ion types, when used in a more modest duty.



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