Behind the meter (BTM) energy storage


What is BTM energy storage?

Typically, a property or facility has a single fixed source of power provided by their DNO. In some cases there may be a discrete alternative source of power in the event of power loss (such as a back up generator). Some properties have solar PV installations where energy is generated and consumed on site with excess (over production) fed back to the grid provided that the network is able to accept the energy.

Increasing energy demands, pressure on generation and distribution capability, changing landscape presented by the increasing introduction of grid scale renewables combines with the maturing of energy storage technology to present a new platform of opportunity. BTM storage is a technology that enables an energy consumer to take more a dynamic approach to their energy management and deal with the challenges in energy availability.


In short, BTM storage facilitates a disconnection of generation from consumption at a local level giving an energy consumer control of their energy supply.

Self consumption

Storage and self consumption of solar PV means that there are no longer restrictions on the capacity that can be installed at a property whilst ensuring all of the energy a system can generate will be consumed rather than exported to the grid.

Grid levelling/re-enforcement

Whether it is to facilitate multiple high capacity EV charging systems, to reduce the impact of power availability tariffs or avoiding the impact of consumption tariffs (such as triads) BTM storage gives an energy consumer the resource to independently control both the availability and cost of energy. The time and cost associated with grid re-enforcement can be mitigated and energy costs can be better controlled.

Grid support services

To further justify the economics of investing in BTM storage, systems have the ability to deliver grid support services and so further monetise the capabilities of stored energy. A number of performance features that include FFR, Voltage response and the ability to absorb energy on demand enable BTM storage to support the local grid network in exchange of financial reward.

Value stacking

Our investment in developing this technology means that we have ability to offer multiple functions and capabilities from a single asset and so enable financial justification in a way that storage has previously been unable to deliver. All of the functions discussed in the passages above, and more, can be delivered by the same asset and so ensure technical and financial benefits can be maximised.


Our Universal Battery Energy Storage Systems (U-BESS) provide a wide range of features that can be customised to suit a users specific requirements. Our advanced EMS can be adapted and developed in a way that ensures future proofing.


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