Product Range Overview

Ingenium+ Series - U-BESS

• 400/230V 50Hz 3Ø output up to 1000kVA
• Up to 1000kWhr stored energy
• Modular form for higher output and storage
• Option for MV output with additional transformer
• GSM Remote monitoring
• Behind the meter power enhancement services
• Range of grid support services
• Advanced EMS with touch screen control
• Modular design for increased capacity
• Full G59 protection integrated
• Quick availability and installation


Ingenium & Ingenium Plus is a range of Universal Battery Energy Storage Systems (U-BESS). A self contained storage and power conversion system, Ingenium offers storage, peak shaving and grid forming capabilities. Ingenium Plus, managed by our advanced EMS (Energy Management System), has additional functions such as grid support services (including FFR, demand shifting and energy absorption) and for multiple “behind the meter” functions and operating states delivered from a single asset. These capabilities deliver cost savings through, for example, peak tariff relief and reducing availability charges.

Layered functionality

By layering functionality, Ingenium Plus can optimise the business case for investment in storage by delivering maximum performance and so optimise financial benefits. Examples of such features are: Solar energy storage, grid re-enforcement & levelling, EV charging power support, demand side response capabilities, de-centralised off grid power systems and energy absorption.

Modularised container format

Ingenium Plus is constructed into an ISO container form that is built to be compatible with a broad spectrum of environmental and physical conditions. Fully constructed and tested in our factory under strict QA processes, we apply our expertise in dealing with harsh environmental conditions and building product suitable for transportation and handling. Using the modular design, multiple containers can be installed in a single system, controlled by a single EMS, for greater power & storage capacity. It is possible to add to a system at a future date as a project or needs change and develop.

Smart EMS

Our smart EMS not only provides a platform for advanced management of the system but also gives access for full remote control and monitoring through an accessible web portal. Capabilities such as FFR, demand shifting or peak shaving can be activated or disabled through local, automatic or remote control. Instructions or requests from external systems can be received to control system behaviour.

Ingenium series

(peak shaving, grid re-enforcement, PV storage, decentralised grid forming)

Power Capacity Storage Capacity
30 kVA 50-150kWhrs Dims: 1200mm wide x 2000mm high x 2000mm long
45 kVA 50-150kWhrs
60 kVA 50-200kWhrs
90 kVA 50-200kWhrs

Ingenium Plus Series - U-BESS

Ingenium Plus series with advanced EMS - (peak shaving, grid re-enforcement, PV storage, decentralised grid forming, demand shifting)

Power Capacity Storage Capacity Form
33 or 66 kVA 90-180 kWhrs 10ft ISO container (High cube) 2.5m W x 3m L x 2.8m H
100 or 132 kVA 180-360 kWhrs
166 or 200 kVA 180-540 kWhrs
200 or 300 kVA Up to 680kWhrs 20ft ISO container (High cube) 2.5m W x 6m L x 2.8m H
up to 1000 kVA Up to 1MWhr Multiple 10ft or 20ft modules
Custom configurations on request On request On request
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