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Off Grid Energy Power Solutions - smart power solutions for places where the grid is not available.


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Hybrid Power Solutions

For people in places where grid mains is unavailable, unreliable or too expensive to connect, Off Grid Energy Ltd provide smart, efficient power solutions that are an alternative to simply running a generator. Our philosophy is straightforward - to provide power solutions that are just the same as being grid connected, without compromise, whilst optimising efficiency and minimising running costs and environmental impact. Our activities cover two formats:  Fixed, turnkey installations for remote dwellings and commercial premises and deployable solutions in the form of Grid To Go™ for short-term applications such as in construction or events.

Fuel efficiency, emissions reduction and elimination of noise are priorities for all our clients.  Our hybrid power systems integrate conventional and renewable energy sources to ensure these objectives are met.

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Off Grid Energy provide tailored solutions to off grid electrical power

Off Grid Energy - All the GREEN power you need, anywhere you want it!

Hire Grid to Go™


In applications such as construction and events, renting Grid to Go™ represents a means to reduce your operational costs and carbon footprint without the responsibilities of ownership.

• identifiable operational costs
• lower generator service and maintenance costs

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Buy Grid to Go™


Have control of your resources and maximise return on investment.  Owning your own Grid to Go™ means you enjoy all the benefits hybrid power systems deliver:

• benefit from reduction in fuel costs and lower carbon emissions
• enjoy all the peripheral benefits such as lower generator service and maintenance costs
• Optimise specification to suit your particular needs

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off grid energy latest news
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Australia prepares to receive two Grid to Go units…


 We are pleased to be sending off two of our Mobile Hybrid Power units to our Australian distributor IPM (Independent Power Management) to be used in the construction and mining


Report reveals that UK power outages doubled last year


Please follow the link below to learn more about the report. Click here


The Haiti Hospital crew


The guys all worked together on the HHA installation and perhaps spent too much time in the sun?  


Haiti Hospital Appeal update


Just back from a week spent working to install an expansion of the hybrid power system at the Haiti Hospital Appeal facility in Cap Hatian, Northern Haiti. We have fitted
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